Branding helps you answer one all important question, “What makes you so special?” Establishing this identity is very important for the success of any business, and reinforcing this brand value over time helps retain customers and build loyalty. A brand identity must be strategically planned, integrated with your growth objectives and reflected in all your business activity.

Branding strategy & positioning

We begin developing a brand strategy by defining a clear business plan, which has the potential to be scaled-up and profitable. We accompany this with an understanding of which segment of customers or clients you wish to target. During this process, we also study the market research and help you evaluate competing brands, so you can establish a distinct identity.

Creation & application of an identity

This evaluation and strategizing is followed by the actual creative process, where we develop a verbal & visual identity for your brand, in terms of logo, taglines, imagery, colours and so on. How and where you wish to market your products and services also has a profound impact on how we design your identity. We also factor in your potential and proposed growth in the years to come.

Guidelines for the future

Consistency over time and across channels is one of the most vital aspects of branding, which is why we highly recommend creating guidelines from the onset, which determine all future marketing & customer engagement activities. We help you create a foundation, which will help reinforce consistency in how your brand is represented, not just externally but within the organization as well.