Mobile Apps

Without even realising it we have all become hugely dependant on mobile apps, to make our lives easier, to stay in touch, to keep ourselves informed or simply to entertain us when we are bored. New apps hit the market on a daily basis!

If you have an idea for web, tablet or mobile app, we’ve got the expertise to bring it to the market and get it ready for users. Bring us your idea, at any stage of development and we’ll complete the process for you, by understanding your product, brainstorming with you regarding the finer details, and ultimately designing & developing a functional app.

Mobile & Tab apps

There are a staggering number of mobile & tablet apps in the market today; over 500,000 iOS apps for the iPhone & iPad, over 450,000 android apps and a smaller but growing number of Windows mobile apps. With so much competition, it’s important to stand out or you’ll just be lost in the crowd.

Just creating a well-designed app isn’t quite enough; we are extremely thorough about researching the market, understanding competitors and developing an innovative concept which forms the bases of your app.

Web apps

Web apps are quite different from mobile or tablet apps, because they are programmed to run on a variety of different platforms, unlike the former which are device specific. They can be accessed via online search engines, and can be run on your browser instead of needing to be downloaded. They are just as versatile, varied and engaging as mobile or tablet apps. Our team is adept at the design and development of both formats.